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Building Development, Planning, and Business Strategy Solutions for Medical Marijuana Clients

Landmark Solutions is offers an array of specialized services tailored for the medical marijuana industry, encompassing Building Development, Planning, and Business Strategy Solutions

Licensing and Location Scouting: 

Assisting clients in navigating the complex licensing landscape and finding optimal locations.

Rezoning and Compliance: 

Expertise in rezoning processes and acquiring certificates of compliance and occupancy.

Business Strategy: 

Providing insights for budgeting, project management, and space design specific to medical marijuana facilities.

Expert Code Analysis: 

Unique capability to interpret and apply standard codes specifically to cannabis businesses, leveraging the new NFPA 420 guidelines to align with industry standards.

Collaborative Solutions: 

Offering a network of drafting experts, architects, engineers, and licensed contractors for comprehensive project execution.

With over 20 years in land use planning and over 5.5 years in the legal cannabis market, our services are designed to meet the unique challenges and regulatory frameworks of the cannabis industry. We excel in making complex technologies understandable to government agencies, a rare skill developed through extensive experience.
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