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Building Development and Land Use Services

In addition to our established services, Landmark Solutions offers specialized building development services.

Building Permit Submittals and Plan Review: 

Navigating through complex permit processes efficiently.

Code Analysis and Life Safety Plans: 

Ensuring compliance and safety in building designs.

Land Use Services: 

Expertise in annexations, rezonings, lot splits, and more, facilitating smooth land development processes.

Economic Development Services: 

Strategic advice and reporting for businesses moving to new areas, helping mitigate initial costs and administrative fees.

Architectural Drafting: 

Collaborating with skilled draftsmen to bring your architectural visions to life.

Engineering Stamps: 

Partnering with licensed engineers to ensure your projects meet all regulatory standards.

Licensed Contractors for Various Trades: 

Working with a network of professional contractors across multiple trades to provide comprehensive solutions for your building needs.

Collaborative Solutions in Building Development

At Landmark Solutions, we take pride in offering collaborative solutions that extend beyond the traditional scope of building development. 

Government Services for Economic Development and Land Use Planning

We also extend our services to various government levels, offering contractual expertise in:

Comprehensive Plans and Appearance Review Guidelines: 

Shaping community development with strategic planning.

Grant, TIF, and Bond Strategies: 

Maximizing funding opportunities for community projects.

Community Impact Planning: 

Drafting statements, guidelines, and legislation to update codes, ordinances, and charters.

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